Wall Insulation

We specialize in upgrading older homes.

Upgrade your walls for better comfort.

If you live in an older home, chances are there will be little to no insulation unless renovations have taken place over the years. Your home may be feeling drafty and uncomfortable.

We create access points into your wall cavities and fill up these empty cavities. This is a non-destructive process and the access holes are filled before we leave.

Filling these voids with insulation can have a dramatic effect on both your home's efficiency and comfort. Leaving your home without insulation will certainly cost you thousands of dollars over the next few years.

We use Weathershield Insulation 

From their website...
Weathershield is a fibrous thermal/acoustical attic insulation made from recycled paper stock, and is also 100% Canadian Made. It provides consistent, guaranteed R-Values and is resistant to air leakage. It is blended with harmless, naturally-occurring chemicals to provide resistance to fire, fungi, corrosion and pests. It is also pneumatically dry-injected to fill enclosed spaces such as the cavities of ceilings and floors. Weathershield is used in both new construction and retrofit applications. This product displays the “Greenest of the Green logo”, classifying it as an “environmentally friendly insulation product”. For every truck of Weathershield sold, 10 tons of paper is saved from going to landfills in Canada.

image: bag of weathershield insulation

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